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Paragon Printing Inc.

Q. How do I login and place an order?

A. If you are a new user, follow the steps below to create a user account on the client portal. If you are a existing user or a user with a login from the previous website, skip down below to "Placing an Order"

Creating a new user:

1. Click on the "Client Portal" icon in the upper right corner of the website :

2. Click on the "Register" button on the bottom right corner underneath the Password box :

3. Fill out all the fields with the requested information and then click the "Register" button in the bottom left underneath the Repeat Password box :

4. Please read the Terms of Service and if you wish to proceed, click "Accept" to continue:

5. Please continue on to "Placing an Order below.

Placing an Order:

1. If you are not logged in already, please do so. Note, those who just registered above will not need to login as they are already at the account page.

2. On the Account Page, click on "Edit Addresses":

3. Next, click on the "Add" Button in the upper right corner:

4. Fill out all the pertinent information with your address or the address of where the product will be sent to and then click "Save" :

Note: Over time you will be able to add more addresses in which you can use in the next step. These addresses can be used for either shipping or billing or both.

5. Next, click on "Place Order":

6. Make sure to fill out all information to your liking in the order. There are many different printing options Paragon Printing offers so to be sure to check them all out!

You will notice the address you created above will be listed in both the Billing Address and Shipping Address fields. You can also select others as you add them to the address list as described above.

If you wish to ship and not show the return address company (Paragon Printing), then select "Blind Shipping".

Below the order information section, you will have an option to get your graphics to Paragon. The default is to Upload. You can simply drag and drop the images to the box or click the box to browse for them as indicated in the picture below:

Once finished with the graphics you have added, click the "Place Order" button.

Another option is to have Paragon Printing reach out to the Artist and request the graphics. You can fill out the Artist information after selecting "Artist Request" from the Artwork dropdown:

Again, once you are finished click the "Place Order" button.

7. Once the order is placed, you will be placed to this screen which will show you the Order's Status. This can be visited again by clicking the "Order History" button after logging in.

Q. Who provides the artwork?

A. You may provide your own art or we can have our in-house artist create something for you.

Q. What should I do to ensure I get a high quality print?

A. Quality prints begin with high resolution quality art. Please make sure your files for billboards are 300 dpi in a 1”=1’ scale and banners are 600 dpi in a 1”=1’ scale.

Q. Should I include bleed and pockets in my artwork?

A. Our prepress department will add standard bleed and pockets unless otherwise requested.

Q. What art formats do you accept?

A. We accept the following formats: .psd .pdf .jpg .ai .eps .indd .tiff Please DO NOT send art files in a Word Document, Excel, PowerPoint, FreeHand, CorelDraw, or QuarkXpress.

Q. What material can you print on?

A. We print on Coroplast, Vinyl, Vinyl Mesh, Self Adhesive Vinyl, Foamboard, Window Mesh, Poly/Cotton Fabric, Various Back Lit Media, Styrene and Rigid PVC. If you do not see the material you are looking for, please ask us about product availability.

Q. How do I submit my artwork to you?

A.You or your artist may submit the artwork in any of the following formats:

Q. How and when do I pay for my order?

A. Please see our terms and conditions at the bottom of our home page.

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